Who Makes the Best Pizza: Results of the Pizza Taste-Off

Here’s the results of our pizza taste-off based on the votes of 8 teens and 2 parents. Thank you to the restaurants who so generously donated pizza, and thank you to the judges!

Best Pizza Appearance: Mario’s Pizzeria

Best Aroma: John’s Pizza Restaurant

Best Crust: Mario’s Pizzeria

Best Sauce: American Pie Pizza & Restaurant

Best Cheese: Mike’s Pizza Palace

Best Taste: Mike’s Pizza Palace & Mario’s Pizzeria (tie)

Judges’ Favorite = Best Overall Score: Mario’s Pizzeria



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John’s vs. Mario’s vs. Mike’s! Whose cheese pizza is the best?

On Wednesday, January 19 at 7 PM, teens, ages 12-18, are invited to the library’s Pizza Taste-Off in order to answer a question of the ultimate importance: Where can you find the best cheese pizza within walking distance of the library?

Decide while eating FREE slices donated by John’s Pizza, Mike’s Pizza Palace, and Mario’s Pizzeria!

Space is limited so registration is required. To put your name on the judges’ list, visit or call the library at 203-729-4591.

By the way, this program was inspired by a request for a pizza party from the teens who attended the library’s Sweet & Salty Party with a Little Holiday Spice. If you have suggestions for future programs, email me at marissa [at] biblio.org

See you at the taste-off!


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Merry Everything! It’s Time to Party!

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa…if you’re between the ages of 12-18, then you’re invited to celebrate them all at the library’s third annual holiday event. It’s a Sweet & Salty Party with a little Holiday Spice!

Come to the library on Tuesday, December 14 at 6:30 PM to decorate a gingerbread house for Christmas, make an edible dreidel for Hanukkah, and sample tasty dips – each in a festive Kwanzaa color. Whether you like your snacks sweet, salty, or spicy, there will be a treat to titillate your taste buds! Plus, we’ll play the Sweet & Salty Truth Game with special guest Marriage and Family Therapist Jacqueline McNamee.

Space is limited so registration is required. Visit or call the reference desk to put your name on the guest list today!

Happy Holidays!


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Take our survey: Would you rather be dating or single?

What do you think about relationships and break ups? Let us know! Fill out the Teen Relationship Survey here! It’s only 10 questions long so it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to complete. And if you want to take the extended version, stop by the teen section to fill out the paper survey.

The results will be posted by Tuesday, November 9, which is also the date for the library’s Teen Break-Up Support Group. The group will meet at 6:30 PM. It’s for girls, ages 12-18, who are trying to handle the end of a dating relationship. Girls who know how to successfully manage break ups are welcome too – they can teach us tips!

I got the idea for this group when I was listening to the girls who came to the sand art program in September. They were talking about their exes, which made me think about what a tough time I’ve had with my own failed relationships. I realized that we all could use a friend’s shoulder to cry on sometimes. Plus, we can learn a lot from break ups – about ourselves and about other people. There needed to be a way that girls looking for support could find girls who were willing to give it…

Ta-da! The idea for the Break Up Support Group was born! The sand art attendees were enthusiastic. One of them suggested ice cream, which made the idea sound even better. And then Youth and Family Services agreed to send us licensed marriage and family therapist Jackie McNamee to tackle any particularly tough issues that might come up. So now it’s up to you – if you’re a girl who has ever gone through a break up, come to the library on Nov. 9 to share your story and to eat ice cream! Make the Break Up Support Group a success!

Registration is required for this free program so visit or call the reference desk at 203-729-4591 to sign up.


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Happy Halloween!

Visit the library’s teen section on Tuesday, October 26 at 5:30 PM to celebrate Halloween! Teens ages 12-18 can decorate Gravestone Cupcakes for free! Costumes are optional – they will add to the fun! Registration is required for this spooktacular event so visit or call the reference desk to sign up.


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Wanna be a Street Artist?

Whether you love to just look at graffiti or you want to create your own street art, I’ve got a film for you! Next: A Primer on Urban Painting takes a look at graffiti in America, Japan, Brazil, and six other countries. Is graffiti nothing more than vandalism or is it a form of creative expression? Could it change the world? Watch Next and decide for yourself!

On Tuesday, October 12 at 5:30 PM, the library will offer a free screening of this film in the meeting room for teens ages 13-18. Stay afterwards to discuss the film and make your own graffiti drawing. Registration is required so visit or call the reference desk to sign up.

(A note to parents: This film is not rated. Please contact the Young Adult Librarian with questions or concerns.)


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Who says sand is just for the beach?

Summer trips to the beach may be over, but there’s still time to enjoy the sand! Teens ages 12-18 are invited to create Autumn Sand Art on Wednesday, September 22 at 6:30 PM. Take a break from the back-to-school grind and relax while creating art in a bottle! It’s easy and fun!

Registration is required for this FREE program, which will take place in the teen section. To sign up, visit or call the reference desk.

See you then!


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